Some lead­ers don’t seem to get this — To whom much is given, much is expected.

Some are lead­ers for the wrong rea­sons, such as: Money, power, image or ego

If you want to be THE leader you need to know this: Lead­ing peo­ple means, above all, to take care of them. A Leader is the one respon­si­ble for his team. As I wrote in one of my pre­vi­ous blogs, your team mem­bers are your no. 1 inter­nal clients.


Actu­ally, a big chunk of your salary is paid to you for serv­ing your no. 1 inter­nal client.

It is your job to do a leader’s job. If your team has a high fluc­tu­a­tion, or if your team mem­bers are not moti­vated, or you feel your team does not have the right peo­ple in it, it is your job to take care of it.

Tak­ing care of your inter­nal cus­tomers means serv­ing them. By the proper ser­vice, I mean hir­ing the right peo­ple, also fir­ing the wrong peo­ple. It means giv­ing reg­u­lar and BALANCED feed­back, it means get­ting to know what moti­vates them. It also means to say NO when needed, or take unpop­u­lar deci­sions. And yes, this also means to be a role model in the area of val­ues, rules, behav­iours, per­for­mance, attitude.

You are the mir­ror and your are the role model. Your team mir­rors your good moves and it mir­rors your bad ones too.

If you are a leader and don’t take care of your team, even­tu­ally, you will be busted. You will never suc­ceed. There will be no one good and moti­vated left there to help you suc­ceed. It is as sim­ple as that.


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