When I coach peo­ple I very often hear they want to be like some­one else or bet­ter than some­one else. Com­pa­nies usu­ally com­pete among each other. They wish to beat their com­peti­tors. They want to be bet­ter than the other guys. But, com­par­ing your­self to another could be a dan­ger­ous thing. 

oprah-winfrey-tiger-Reuters-640x480I believe all peo­ple, as well as com­pa­nies, are each unique enti­ties.  You are you — you are not him or her. You have your path, your mis­sion. Each of us has dif­fer­ent lessons to learn and dif­fer­ent goals to achieve. Thus it is con­tra­dic­tory to try to be like some­one else, or bet­ter than some­one else. This leads to dis­s­ap­point­ment and frus­tra­tion. It takes you off your track.

Even­tu­ally, it makes you act des­per­ate. And guess what happens.…clients, com­peti­tors, other peo­ple can “smell” your frustration.

There­fore, don’t try to be bet­ter than some­one else. Be bet­ter than you were yes­ter­day. Be bet­ter than you a minute ago, a pre­sen­ta­tion ago, an argu­ment ago.… be unique. Be proud of it! No one else on this planet has the same com­bi­na­tion of the qual­i­ties you have. Build on what is best in you. Use your unique­ness as an indi­vid­ual or a com­pany and improve it.

Here is a sim­ple ques­tion that will help you on your path to a bet­ter you: “what is the next best step for me to do?”

(Thank you Oprah for this great ques­tion :) )


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