I don’t know about you, but recently, wher­ever I go (restau­rants, shops, visit offices of clients) I am stunned how many peo­ple work at a job and have absolutely zero pas­sion about it. No juice, no life, no love, no pas­sion in the job.  They simly do not bother, do not care.

I remem­ber, early 90ties, when I started to work at my first job. I loved it. I was so keen on learn­ing. Then, after some years of work­ing I ended up at a job that I con­sid­ered a mis­take. At least from my point of view. I did not care about the job, the com­pany, my col­leagues. It was a waste of time for every­body, but the biggest waste of time for me. At that time I did not realise I was my own enemy. I took the job for the money, but lost much more. I lost the pre­cious time.
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Some par­tic­i­pants in train­ing and coach­ing address this topic. Can any­body learn and become a man­ager? Can it be taught or is it a gift? Are peo­ple with that gift bet­ter man­agers? Good man­ager by my par­tic­i­pants’ def­i­n­i­tion is some­one who gets results through his team, he is fol­lowed by peo­ple vol­un­tar­ily, his team is steady, the atmos­phere is pro­duc­tive and positive.

Here are my thoughts based on my expe­ri­ence and the obser­va­tion of sev­eral thou­sand man­agers, team lead­ers, GMs and CEO’s.

Let’s sim­plify the point of view. The answer to the above ques­tions is YES and NO (now you can see why I am a con­sul­tant :) )

Yes — any­body can become a man­ager
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This moti­va­tional speech of Al Pacino in Any given sun­day and every sin­gle sen­tence of his describes every­thing we train and coach the lead­ers and man­agers in. It has been my favourite  because he cov­ers it beau­ti­fully in  4 minutes.

Any­body who wishes to moti­vate and lead a team should lis­ten to it over and over and every time a new mes­sage will come through.

Enjoy .…


Every time pos­i­tive atti­tude is men­tioned in any train­ing, coach­ing ses­sions, man­ag­ing or lead­ing peo­ple, there is a major grin on some people’s faces. And at the same time, one of these vari­a­tions come up almost every­time: I can­not smile all the time.…., Oh, I wish it was that easy.…, or How can I be pos­i­tive if all the bad stuff is hap­pen­ing to me.….…,or Yeah, sure, like a movie star, fak­ing it.….You have no idea what my boss is like, you would not be pos­i­tive if you knew him.…I have so much debt  I am stuck in this hor­ri­ble com­pany to pay it off.…

Earl Nightin­gale said: “You become what you think about. If you think in neg­a­tive terms you will get neg­a­tive results. If you think in pos­i­tive terms you will achieve pos­i­tive results. Believe and suc­ceed. Peo­ple always blame the cir­cum­stances for what they are.“
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In 2006 or so, there was a Euro­pean Cham­pi­onship in soc­cer held in Prague. The Czech National soc­cer team called every excel­lent Czech soc­cer player there was to come to rep­re­sent the coun­try and play for the national team. All famous names (Nedved, Rosicky, Cech) con­firmed the rep­re­sen­ta­tion. The result was undoubted. Every­body in Czech Repub­lic was more than sure the vic­tory is secured. Even the  team  selected to play against Czech Repub­lic at the final match was easy — Bel­gium. Or not? Czech team had more than nec­es­sary expe­ri­ence, a lot of exper­tise and a lot of self con­fi­dence. Well, what hap­pened? Czechs lost to a com­plete out­sider who had play­ers that nobody knew or even heard about. No famous names, no stars…

What was it then that made them loose? Sim­ple and short, the Czech team was a team of STARS, whereas the Bel­gian team was a STAR TEAM.
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