Some­thing inter­est­ing occured to me recently. It is an inter­est­ing pattern.

Do you know why some peo­ple succeed?

Because they have always believed they could. Not only they believe they can, they are 100% con­vinced they will suc­ceed and do not accept any­thing else.…They do not sound like: “oh yeah, I guess I believe it is pos­si­ble.…” They are tru­ely con­vinced and pic­ture them­selves to be suc­cess­ful. They are 100% sure they are going to get there and they are sure they deserve it. Despite the obsta­cles and fail­ures they have to face on the way to their success.

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It hap­pened a few months ago when I went on a busi­ness trip to Moscow.

Nor­mally, I would check the weather in Moscow before my trip and pack accord­ingly. I did not do it this time as I had a busy day so I did not man­age to look it up. The weather in Prague was warm and sunny, so I only packed very lightly and didn’t take any warm clothes at all.

I realised my mis­take as soon as  I got on the plane and the pilot announced the weather in Moscow. It was freez­ing cold there. I was in trou­ble. Read More →


This post is ded­i­cated to crit­i­cal peo­ple.  I love when peo­ple think, when they use their intel­li­gence to improve things; those who do not blindly fol­low an opin­ion or task.

How­ever, the crit­i­cism I admire has to have a cer­tain pool of characteristics.

Let’s agree there are two basic types of crit­i­cism; con­struc­tive and destruc­tive. Some peo­ple may call it a pos­i­tive and a neg­a­tive attitude.

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I have found this arti­cle and can­not agree more with the author. I couldn’t say it better.

Every­body is the designer of our own career, of our own results. What a great article!

15 Ways To Slowly Destroy Your Career

There are big mis­takes that can instantly ruin your rep­u­ta­tion at work or even get you fired. But more com­monly, it’s the grad­ual accu­mu­la­tion of smaller offenses that keeps employ­ees from get­ting ahead in their careers.

Bad habits, such as giv­ing curt responses to emails or keep­ing to your­self all day, could be hurt­ing your rep­u­ta­tion — whether you real­ize it or not.

Here are 15 bad behav­iors that will slowly erode your cred­i­bil­ity and cost you in the end. Read More →

Motivation concept

I get this ques­tion over and over again from man­agers and lead­ers on all dif­fer­ent man­age­ment lev­els in all dif­fer­ent countries:

How can I moti­vate my staff? I feel my peo­ple are not moti­vated enough.

My answer is always the same. You CANNOT make any­body moti­vated. The sooner you accept this fact and stop want­ing to moti­vate your peo­ple, the less stress and con­fu­sion you will go through. “Oh, come on, Miriam… but I need my peo­ple to be motivated!”

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