Here is how this works. It’s sim­ple.… Money and power mag­nify who you are.

If you are a jerk and you get a load of money, you become a big­ger jerk with lots of money. If you are a jerk and you get a higher posi­tion and more power, you become a big­ger jerk with a lot of power.

Aerial view of a circle of chairs ready for a teamwork sessionIf you are a nice and smart per­son and get pro­moted or get more power you very prob­a­bly become even nicer, since you realise how much more respon­si­bil­ity and duty is in your hands, how much more respon­si­bil­ity towards the oth­ers you carry.

If you are a nice and hon­est per­son and become richer, you very prob­a­bly become a big­ger giver and help those in need more than before.

Money and power are like a mag­ni­fy­ing glass, they mag­nify one’s personality.

Recently I heard a junior staff mem­ber say: “Of course the man­agers and direc­tors are smil­ing and being friendly. They have more money and less work. But us, down low on the hier­ar­chy lad­der, we sweat, work hard and have no time and will to smile. When I am high up like them, I will also smile.”

Dar­ling, here is the news: it works the other way around!!!

You only get pro­moted if you work hard, have results, show integrity, do more than expected and yes, when you smile and are friendly. You don’t get pro­moted when you put on a pissy face all day long, alien­ate oth­ers, do only the absolute min­i­mum and act like the Uni­verse revolves around you.

Here is another thing. Yeah, you can hit the jack­pot or may get pro­moted while being a jerk, but it never lasts long. It is a short term win, not a last­ing result.

Think what is being mag­ni­fied on you because power and money do mag­nify who you are.



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