Books you don’t read will not help you. Train­ing you don’t take will not change your life. Your busi­ness will only improve, if you improve”. I thought of this quote recently, when I trained a class of young man­agers.  At the end of the day, they sat there a bit shocked to find out that “there is so much to know about man­ag­ing and com­mu­ni­cat­ing with people”. :)

I agree, there is a lot to learn and apply. How­ever, you know what hap­pens when peo­ple become over­whelmed with the amount of info and knowledge.

So, here are my tips how to per­se­vere and keep focused on improv­ing your man­ag­ing skills:

images1. Take one step at the time, i.e. walk before you run

Do not try to change or cover every­thing at the same time. Focus on one — two things you want to change. When they are achieved, take on another one. After that one is done, take on another one. Keep going one by one. It will have a snow ball effect. This way you will have small wins, you will be moti­vated by achiev­ing each goal and feel more con­fi­dent to start a new one. It is the same as if you wanted to eat a melon. You can­not stuff it in you mouth in one piece. You need to slice it up. Take e.g. set­ting goals and focus on it. Make sure you give your staff well defined goals and tasks. Once that becomes auto­matic, basi­cally your good habit, move on to improv­ing next thing. I have seen many peo­ple get­ting frus­trated, over­whelmed and give up even­tu­ally when they tried to do every­thing at once. They usu­ally back off and rather do noth­ing. Theref­ere, you need to focus on each skill individually.

2. Read

If you want to become a bet­ter man­ager you need to read non fic­tion books. Get your­self a good book on man­age­ment or com­mu­ni­ca­tion. If you find man­age­ment books bor­ing there is an alter­na­tive to read biogra­phies of suc­cess­ful peo­ple. Learn from them how they suc­ceeded, how they over­came obsta­cles and per­se­vered. It is very inspir­ing. Audio books are a great option if you travel a lot. Read­ing is the key to grow­ing and improving!!!

3. Get trained

Train­ing will help you expe­ri­ence sit­u­a­tions and role plays in a safe envi­ron­ment. You will be able to dis­cuss, see other par­tic­i­pants in sim­i­lar sit­u­a­tions and get feed­back with­out any risks. If you com­bine it with get­ting a per­sonal coach it is the best you can do for improv­ing your man­ag­ment skills.

Remem­ber, there are no mis­takes or fail­ures, they are feed­back to help you do things better.


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