Some­thing inter­est­ing occured to me recently. It is an inter­est­ing pattern.

Do you know why some peo­ple succeed?

Because they have always believed they could. Not only they believe they can, they are 100% con­vinced they will suc­ceed and do not accept any­thing else.…They do not sound like: “oh yeah, I guess I believe it is pos­si­ble.…” They are tru­ely con­vinced and pic­ture them­selves to be suc­cess­ful. They are 100% sure they are going to get there and they are sure they deserve it. Despite the obsta­cles and fail­ures they have to face on the way to their success.

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It hap­pened a few months ago when I went on a busi­ness trip to Moscow.

Nor­mally, I would check the weather in Moscow before my trip and pack accord­ingly. I did not do it this time as I had a busy day so I did not man­age to look it up. The weather in Prague was warm and sunny, so I only packed very lightly and didn’t take any warm clothes at all.

I realised my mis­take as soon as  I got on the plane and the pilot announced the weather in Moscow. It was freez­ing cold there. I was in trou­ble. Read More →