Pre­sen­ta­tions can be a very good mar­ket­ing and sell­ing tool, if used well and correctly.

Let’s focus on com­pany pre­sen­ta­tions — pre­sen­ta­tions used in front of the clients as an intro­duc­tion to the com­pany, staff and prod­ucts and ser­vices, with the goal to sell.

Here are my key tips devel­oped while watch­ing sev­eral hun­dred pre­sen­ta­tions in course of my work. Read More →


It is hurt­ful on a pro­fes­sional and human level to see top man­agers repeat­edly making the same mis­takes, right there, in front of my eyes. In many cases, I can already see the results of these mis­takes because I have seen so many sim­i­lar sit­u­a­tions in the past.

Man­agers define and describe their prob­lems with these words: “We have a com­mu­ni­ca­tion prob­lem in our com­pany”, or, “my peo­ple have an atti­tude prob­lem”, or, “they fight changes, they do not accept any changes”, or, “my staff are demo­ti­vated, they com­plain all the time”, and, “my peo­ple are crit­i­cis­ing man­age­ment and its deci­sions, I give them space, but noth­ing pro­duc­tive comes out of it… what shall I do?”

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Grow­ing up in com­mu­nist Czecho­slo­va­kia, medi­oc­rity was some­thing that was every­where. “Do as lit­tle as pos­si­ble to get by” was the pre­vail­ing atti­tude. No one was allowed to stand out from the crowd — the more you stood out, the more you were hit on your head to get you back in line. No mat­ter how hard you worked, no mat­ter how unique you were, you would not get ahead — the aver­age was preferred.

That is the past though, thank­fully. But, mod­ern busi­ness medi­oc­rity shocks me even more. Read More →


Have you ever heard this advice?: You have to make your­self needed or vir­tu­ally irre­place­able in the com­pany. That is the only way they will not fire you!! It could be true, if you look at it from the per­spec­tive of job secu­rity. Maybe.

Well, here is another per­spec­tive, though: If you are irre­place­able, you are also un-promotable!

Just recently I coached a GM of a local branch of an inter­na­tional com­pany.  He wanted to improve his man­age­r­ial skills in del­e­ga­tion, team lead­er­ship and team moti­va­tion. The main prob­lem of his is that he spends too much time micro-managing his staff, per­form­ing too many oper­a­tional tasks and too lit­tle lead­er­ship and strate­gic team development.

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