When I coach peo­ple I very often hear they want to be like some­one else or bet­ter than some­one else. Com­pa­nies usu­ally com­pete among each other. They wish to beat their com­peti­tors. They want to be bet­ter than the other guys. But, com­par­ing your­self to another could be a dan­ger­ous thing.  Read More →


I just heard this excel­lent line: “Don’t send your ducks to eagle school. It will not help. It won’t help at all. They will remain ducks although they have a badge, a cer­tifi­cate and a hat with an eagle on it.”

Let me write a few lines on this topic. I have already men­tioned it in my pre­vi­ous posts, but here I go again. The sub­ject is: MOTIVATION.

Let’s get the most impor­tant thing out of the way first. Moti­vated peo­ple are not trained, they are found! Read More →


It is so inter­est­ing to see how many peo­ple have no idea what they really want. And I am going nowhere near such deep sub­jects such as life, love, happiness.

I usu­ally ask a sim­ple ques­tion at the begin­ning of my sem­i­nars. “What do you expect to take away, what do you want to learn?”

Most of the time, a lot of the peo­ple say some­thing like: “I don’t know, or, I do not expect any­thing”, or they repeat what I usu­ally said at the begin­ning when intro­duc­ing the day. Very few times I hear some­thing tru­ely per­sonal, well thought through. What a pity!

It is really sim­ple. If you don’t know what you want, you are going to get what you don’t want.  Read More →


Have you ever felt like slack­ing off your work a bit? Doing just a “good enough” job? Maybe you didn’t feel well that day, maybe you didn’t have a good day or maybe you felt just a bit lazy. Or you may have thought:  “the boss is not look­ing, he will never know; the client will never notice, so why bother?” You were prob­a­bly right. Their eyes were not on you at that moment.

Here is a question…what is the dif­fer­ence between a qual­ity and non-quality deliv­ery? Read More →


Some lead­ers don’t seem to get this — To whom much is given, much is expected.

Some are lead­ers for the wrong rea­sons, such as: Money, power, image or ego

If you want to be THE leader you need to know this: Lead­ing peo­ple means, above all, to take care of them. A Leader is the one respon­si­ble for his team. As I wrote in one of my pre­vi­ous blogs, your team mem­bers are your no. 1 inter­nal clients.

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Books you don’t read will not help you. Train­ing you don’t take will not change your life. Your busi­ness will only improve, if you improve”. I thought of this quote recently, when I trained a class of young man­agers.  At the end of the day, they sat there a bit shocked to find out that “there is so much to know about man­ag­ing and com­mu­ni­cat­ing with people”. :)

I agree, there is a lot to learn and apply. How­ever, you know what hap­pens when peo­ple become over­whelmed with the amount of info and knowledge.

So, here are my tips how to per­se­vere and keep focused on improv­ing your man­ag­ing skills: Read More →


Project Man­age­ment is one of my favourite sub­jects. I love it! I love work­ing on projects, I love talk­ing about them, I love help­ing com­pa­nies with their projects - it is my pas­sion and one of the more inter­est­ing part of my job.

Projects are a cru­cial part of com­pa­nies lives. How­ever, if mis­led, projects can cause prob­lems and you may wish you never had one at all.

These are 4 most com­mon mis­takes organ­i­sa­tions and project man­agers make in man­ag­ing projects:

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We can­not afford to give our peo­ple man­age­ment train­ing. It is too expen­sive. The man­agers should be learn­ing by doing. Our man­agers learn from each other”. Com­pa­nies have many exe­cuses for not train­ing their managers.

Here are 7 impor­tant rea­sons why man­agers and lead­ers should be trained and coached on con­tin­u­ous basis: Read More →


I am help­ing a leader with a com­plex com­pany project and after a ses­sion when we found a way how to tackle a par­tic­u­lar sit­u­a­tion, he looked at me and said: How come I didn’t fig­ure it out myself, with­out you?

Well, it is an inter­est­ing point for any leader.

Whether a CEO, GM or a team leader there will be a time when you are going to have no idea what is the best next step. Or what your answer should be. Or how to han­dle an issue you are fac­ing. (Believe it or not…)

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